What material is used for printing a Stickjoy Wall Mural?

Your decision to invest in a wall mural is an important one and that means having it printed on the highest quality material so it maintains its beauty for many years to come. We do not simply choose the cheapest material to print as wall mural. A lot of sample materials have been brought and import from Taiwan, Korea & German. We carry out printing test in full wall size and install it on real wall. Process repeated many times until we got the things right.

A lot of discussion carried out with suppliers, printer manufacturer and installers. Only that, we finally pick the best material to print as Stickjoy Wall Mural. Stickjoy Wall Murals are printed on your choice of 2 high quality materials, self-adhesive or paper-backed.

i) Self-Adhesive Wall Mural

Self Adhesive (Simply peel & stick)
Most suitable for smooth & dry surface (indoor & outdoor)
Removable with minimum adhesive residue on surface
Typically produced for wall, vehicle and simple curve surface
All wall murals are laminated for extra protection
Able to cover minor crack lines
Minor light reflected (special lamination texture)

ii) Paper-backed Wall Mural

Not self-adhesive (Standard wallpaper glue needed)
Best choice for indoor wallcovering
Removable with saop spam & does not hurt the wall
UV protected material, no lamination needed
Very good in covering crack lines
No light reflected
Embossed / Textured surface


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