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1. Company information

  Who is Stickjoy?
Stickjoy is a company producing wall mural. we are located in Johor Bahru, Johor.
  What Stickjoy specialize in?
Stickjoy specializes in wall mural design and manufacturing. With latest printing technology and imported wallpaper, we are producing high quality of wall mural.

2. Production Information

  What is wall mural?
Wall mural is known as “personalized wallpaper”. It is digitally printed images/artwork onto a wall covering material to create an unique and personalized feature wall.
  What are the materials used to print my wall mural?
We understand clients always need choices. Stickjoy picks the best materials to produce wall mural. We have two different kind of materials, self-adhesive and paper-backed. (click for more information)
  How to select the material that suitable to me?
Refer here to know more about our materials. Otherwise, contact us for advice.
  Can I send you my own wallpaper material for printing?
Well, we do not usually do it. We recommend you to contact us for further discussion.
  How long does the wall mural can last on my wall?
In most of the time, wall mural able to last on wall for 3-5 years. But the actual life time depend on the environment where the wall mural pasted. High humidity environment is not suitable for wall mural.
  Do you give any warranty on the wall mural?
While the wall mural is use in indoor, we provide 10-year color fading warranty.
  Do you have design team to assist me choosing the best wall mural?
The fastest way to make your own wall mural is via our website. We have made millions of best images available in our website. However, you can contact us at anytime for assistant.
  How many days you need to get my wall mural printed and ready for shipment?
In most of the time, all orders will be ready for shipment within 48 hours. However, it depends on our production workloads. You can always give us a call to track your order.
  What are the sizes available for wall mural?
We can produce any size of the wall mural.

3. About Installation & Wall Mural Maintenance

  Can I install wall mural by myself?
Absolutely yes. Follow our guides and you will able to paste the wall mural on wall. However, you can always easily find a wall mural installer in markets.
(Guides : Self-adhesive wall mural & paper-backed wall mural)
  I am renovating my house, when is the best time to install the wall mural?
Wall mural installation can be arranged in the last phase of your house renovation. But it is always recommended to start select your image earlier.
  Do you send installation guide in each order?
  How to measure my wall?
We have create some simple guides to help you. Get it here.
  My wall is not smooth, can I still use wall mural?
It depends on the texture of your wall. Flat and smooth surfaces are best. If your wall is really rough or bumpy, your mural may not adhere properly.
  I just paint my wall, do I need to wait before installation of the wall mural?
Yes. Let the wall dry completely before wall mural installation. In most of the time, it takes 3-7 days for the wall to dry.
  Can I install wall mural in bathroom?
We do not recommend you to do so. wall mural might peel off easily in high humanity conditions.
  Can a wall mural be cleaned?
Yes. Gently wipe your wall mural with a DRY cloth.
NOTE: Excessive scrubbing or harsh materials may damage the printed surface.
  Do you any wall mural installer?
We do have wall mural installers located in main cities of Malaysia. Contact us for details.
  The wall mural peel off after some times, what can I do?
If it is minor peel off, you can easily repair it with water-based glue. This glue can easily get in most of the stationery shops.
If it is major peel off, you should contact the installer who pastes the wall mural for you. Normally installer will return for repairing if the installation just done not long ago.

4. Using My Own Images

  Can I use my own images and turn them into wall mural?
Yes. We need to examine the image’s quality. It must meet some requirements to print as wall mural. You can refer to our guideline here.
  I have the negative of photo, are you able to scan it?
Yes. With some charges, we are able to do it.
  Can I simply download any image from Internet and use it as wall mural?
It is always not recommend to use images from Internet as most of the images available in Internet does not meet the basic requirement to print as wall mural. Instead, we provide millions of high quality images in our website.
  Do you have any image database I can refer?
Yes. Click the “CATEGORY” in our main page.
  How to check the image quality?
We have created a basic guide here.
  What is the image format you need from me?
We accepts a few formats : .jpg, .png, .psd, .ai, .eps, .gif and .tiff.
  The image is too large for e-mail, how can I send it to you?
We recommend sending large files using wetransfer.com. Type in our email address and upload the files. Files will be automatically sent to us. Please drop us an e-mail notify us that you are sending us files.
  The image I want is copyrighted, can it be my wall mural?
No unless you have get the permission from the image owner.

5. Removal Instruction

  Are your wall murals easy to remove?
Yes. In most of the time, just peel from the wall. However, if you need professional to remove it, simply contact your installer.
  While removing the wall mural, will it take off the paint or damage my wall?
If you choose paper-backed material with water based glue, it will not damage your wall/paint while removing the wall mural.
If you choose self-adhesive material, paint might peel of while removing.
  Can I re-use the wall mural after remove?
  If I have no confident to remove the wall mural, can you help?
We can recommend you to our installer located in main cities of Malaysia.

6. Shipping and Return Policy

  How you charge for the wall mural shipment?
Delivery fee is waived (within Malaysia) for customer purchase wall mural online.
  Do you ship wall mural to countries outside of Malaysia?
Yes. Contact us for assistant.
  Normally how many days it takes to get my wall mural delivered?
In most of the time, all orders will be ready for shipment within 48 hours. Delivery normally take another 1-3 days depend on courier company schedule.
  Can I track my shipment?
Yes. Contact us with your “order number”. We will update you your order status.
  We discover “manufacturing defeat”, what should I do?
We examine all orders before shipment. However, if it really happens, contact us. We will replace your orders.

7. Reseller Program

  Who can be your reseller?
We appreciate people with passion in this field. As for the first step, contact us for discussion.
  How to register as your reseller?
You may fill in the online form or contact us via e-mail. We need discussions.
  What are the benefits to become your reseller?
Besides giving you (as our reseller) a special price, we assure you can start the business in shortest time.
  I do not have any shop, I am freelancer. Do you welcome me as your reseller?
Yes. We more concern on how to help you venture into this business.
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