STICKJOY , a word you might never heard before. STICKJOY is a combination of 2 English words which is "Stick" and "Joy" which brings the meaning of having funs and joys by sticking something on wall. In other words, we wish to bring joys and satisfaction to our customers not only the final outcome but we hope that they are enjoying the process while decorating a wall.


STICKJOY started with selling traditional wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of the most common ways to decorate a bored wall. However, customers often request something unique and special. As a result, STICKJOY further invest and expand our products and services. We are proud to present our fully customized wallpaper - Wall Murals. We can print almost anything you can imagine and make it real on your wall. What more excited is you will unlikely to find the same digital wallpaper on another wall!

Our Digitally Custom Printed Wallpaper

Use our digitally custom printed wallpaper (Wall Murals) to grace your office, shop or home walls. Just provide us with images of your choice or simply choose from our vast range of image library (more than 18 million images). You may also consider having it designed by our in-house design team based on your specification. What’s more, these high quality wallpapers can be removed without damage to the wall.


What is a Wall Mural?

Murals are most commonly thought to be an image painted on a wall surface. But rather than hiring an artist to paint a mural, which can be timely and very expensive, we're able to digitally print images onto a wall covering material and you simply adhere it to the wall.

We have thousands of licensed images to choose from OR you can send us your own image or artwork and we can create the mural that fits your room. These aren't like the murals from the 70's (although we have some of those too.) Wall murals are becoming a popular trend in décor and can be seen on today's top home design shows.

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STICKJOY is the Leading Custom Wall Mural Company in the World

We set ourselves apart from other wall mural companies by letting you pick the right size and the perfect material for your particular environment. No one else offers this type of flexibility. Furthermore, no one else offers the ability for you to personalize and modify the mural the way you want. Whether it's changing colors, adding a child's name, company logo or a photo of the family dog, we can do it!

Customize and Personalize

Stickjoy takes your special size to create a mural that fits your style and your needs. The option to personalize it 'your way' is sure to make your mural one-of-a-kind!

Easy and Affordable

Installing a wall mural is a great do-it-yourself project that can completely transform the look and feel of your room.

Home or Office (business)

Wall murals are an ideal decorating option for any room. You can easily add style and creative flare for your home or office work areas. From living rooms, dining rooms and nurseries to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores.

Explore Your Creativity

You do not need a designer to get the designer's high-end look. Let your imagination run loose and think big. Instead of a poster, decals or wallpaper border, consider using a mural. Turn a dull bathroom into your personal spa with the addition of a bamboo mural wall. Instead of putting stickers on your nursery wall, you could install a life-sized panda bear, or Noah's Ark floating under a rainbow. You can even create a mural out of your or your child's artwork, or from a favorite family photo.

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