About Stickjoy


The name of STICKJOY

STICKJOY, a word you might never heard before. STICKJOY is a combination of 2 English words which is "Stick" and "Joy" which brings the meaning of having funs and joys by sticking something on wall. In other words, we wish to bring joys and satisfaction to our customers not only the final outcome but we hope that they are enjoying the process while decorating a wall. 

STICKJOY born in the year 2008 and our journey begins.

STICKJOY started with wall decal

STICKJOY started really small. With small capital, we must focus on only one product - Wall Decals. STICKJOY had spent months in finding suitable raw material from overseas. We imported and tested different materials on various surfaces. Finally we found a unique material which is most suitable for wall decals. Due to our unique wall decals materials and designs, responds from customers were encouraging. Being too popular, others had started to import wall decals from China and Korea. Since then, STICKJOY was facing very fierce competition. Various qualities of wall decals had dominated the market. With our unique wall decals material and customised service, STICKJOY is still standing firm in the markets while others had started to end their business. 

Introducing wallpaper

To provide more options on wall decoration, STICKJOY decided to sell wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of the most common ways to decorate a bored wall. To be competitive in this traditional product, we choose to import wallpapers from Korea, UK, Belgium, Italy and German which have better quality and designs. Thanks for the great support from customers, STICKJOY gaining quite a good market share on wallpapers.

From wallpaper to wall mural

From experience, customers often request something unique and special. As a result, STICKJOY further invest and expand our products and services. We proudly present our Wall Mural (fully customised). We can print almost anything you can imagine and make it real on your wall. What more excited is you will unlikely to find the same digital wallpaper on another wall!

Expanding inkjet printing capabilities

STICKJOY equipped with inkjet printing capability since we start to produce Wall Mural. Since then, STICKJOY able to provide customer solutions on the various printing needs. Buntings and banners printing being too common and STICKJOY take steps ahead to print floor stickers, product labels, billboards, car decals, glass stickers, safety signs...etc. With inkjet printing, possibility is only limited by imagination and creativity.

Customised vertical and roller blinds

STICKJOY still not satisfied with above products. In the year 2012, we have introduced customised vertical blinds and rollers blinds to suit our corporate and residential customers’ need. We have successfully combined decorative and functional at the same time. Printed vertical and roller blinds are flexible in terms of design and size. It is especially moulded to your taste, creating a pleasant atmosphere. It is time to say goodbye to plain white vertical blinds. With our invention, now your store front windows had become a great way to promote any business 24/7! Convert your window blinds space into business advertising space today. It is the most economical way of marketing your business.